Saturday, 30 December 2006

Improve your English the easy way

Hi there! Welcome to 'Improve your English The Easy Way'

I am a sixty-something-year-old English 'gentleman', and amongst other things, I teach English as a foreign language - not to children or those with very little knowledge of the language, but to those wanting to improve their English for whatever reason.
They may be commercial or business people, managers and salesmen, scientists, academics or athletes and other sportsmen and women, or maybe just wanting to have a better understanding and knowledge and improve their fluency.

I went to an old-fashioned school where language teaching was about grammar and vocabulary (I studied languages at Dulwich College in London); today I have adapted these basic techniques to minimise classroom time and take learning into the outside environment, through general and themed conversation and activity, in particular walking.

We concentrate on correcting basic grammatical errors and pronunciation, working on learning new and more appropriate words, and on comprehension and conversation. All this is done in a very relaxed and easy-going way, just three hours a day, leaving plenty of time to assimilate aspects highlighted by the lesson and activity periods. There is plenty of testing as well, so you the student needs to work and feel a sense of achievement from your efforts!

I am based in Jersey, in the Channel Islands, and what better place can there be to improve one's English! A beautiful and historic island close to France and accessible by plane and by ferry from the UK, France and many European airports. My classes start in April and end in October/November.

In March 2007 I will be holding classes on Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. There will be three courses of one week each, based in Famara on the quiet side of this fascinating volcanic island, close to the roar of the atlantic ocean and with miles of beautiful sandy beach to stroll along.

Instruction is for groups of no more than five students or for individuals and the daily programmes will include at least three hours of mixed classroom and outdoor activity with some excursions.
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All good wishes for 2007!
Best regards

Hugh Gill